Rough and Semi-finished products customization

JOISILVA offers a wide and comprehensive range in rough precious minerals, allows for the manufacturing of semi-finished products for the jewelry-making and global Investors on Luxury Resources.

On a Client’s request same precious minerals can be an alternative investment, parcels of Rough diamonds can be polished and certificated by the GIA, HDR, E.G.C or G.C.I Lab.

Physical precious minerals is a safe haven, you can allocate part of your portfolio goods. Physical goods should offer a new dimension to your wealth portfolio.
We encourage investors to spread their wealth in Precious Minerals, Just because precious minerals is a solid investment now, we would advise against effectively putting all your eggs in one basket as physical gold, but spread in other precious minerals, diamonds, emeralds, rubies etc.
This is the best way of hedging your other investments.

Funds & Investment Services

The funds market has grown dramatically in recent years and JOISILVA’s funds CFO and lawyers are at the forefront of this development. Our Funds and Investment Services team advises clients on a wide range of services in relation to hedge funds, mutual funds, other collective investment schemes and a wide range of financial products.

We advise on the structuring of all types of investment funds, investment management and co-investment ventures. We also work across the spectrum of alternative asset classes, including hedge funds, private equity, real estate, venture capital and infrastructure, and hybrid strategies.

Our investment funds team also advises established funds on their downstream transactional work and financing activities. And throughout the life cycle of the investment funds, together with directors, investors and creditors, with access to dispute resolution services whenever they are needed.

In each of our markets, we have a powerful team of investment fund specialists that possess the commercial aptitude, industry knowledge and legal skills necessary to ensure that all our clients’ fund and transaction structures are optimally designed to meet their needs, and the needs of their target investors.

JOISILVA Clients retain us for our deep understanding of their business needs, issues and goals. They rely on us to help them make the right investment on the right terms, thoughtfully assess risk and make appropriate trade-offs and respond quickly to meet business demands. We have expertise on the ground and our services cover the whole life cycle of every fund and every investment, from fund formation and capitalization of investment vehicles, through to the public and private mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, group restructurings, refinancing’s, secured lending and transactional due diligence.

Safe and Reliable Investments

How investors can benefit

Outstanding opportunity to Investing in the Lending Investments “investment vehicle” through JOISILVA Lending Club provides a portfolio diversification opportunity and the potential to earn competitive returns.

JOISILVA will propose with no risk to the Investor a high-yield funding by a business plan either in Trade high-yield platforms, Precious minerals and Real states.

The Private Programs is also known as a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP).  These private programs are called private because the public is not invited to participate.

PPs are based on the purchase & sale of bank financial instruments, Primarily Medium Term Notes called MTNs. These instruments are bought fresh-cut (newly created by the bank) with a significant discount on their face value.

The Investment Opportunity

PPs do not present a risk for JOISILVA Investors “Venture Capital”, this is a very good opportunity for an “Investor” who can provide a cash deposit, Bank Guarantee (BG) or a Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) for a minimum of One Hundred Million (€100,000,000), this is for a Tier One Trading Program.

There is an opportunity to participate in a larger program with funds depending on the program up to 5 Million till 100 Million Euros. This Bank Instrument (BI) allows the bank to provide credit facilities for the trading of MTNs.

PPPs are offered to clients with high spending power and can only be executed by Traders who are licensed to carry out such transactions. An important aspect of the PPP is that a substantial part of the returns are always to be used for humanitarian or economic development causes and to support the financing of business projects globally.

Trade programs also include the use of “credit facilities” which are drawn against the collateral of financial instruments such as Bank Guarantees, Standby Letters of Credit, Letters of Credit, and other instruments that may be monetized. In a trade where a hard asset is used as the basis for a trade, the asset is first monetized, as true trading is always based on the cash liquidity on hand. A value is placed on the asset by an approved authority, that value is then discounted by a bank or trade group and the LTV to be used to create a line of credit.

The trade groups are heavily regulated internationally and in the USA but typically operate exclusively in Western Europe.

JOISILVA trough a Lending Investments Agreement with the Investor/Asset Provider bringing the necessary links both to the banks and trading community. It also, most importantly brings the experience, in the required procedures and processes, to minimize any risks to the Investor.

Trade Program Partner

  1. A fundamental part of this trading is that fresh capital is the base for these programs. The fresh capital does not have to be used for the trading because the Trade Vehicle will simply leverage this “secure capital” for as many as 10 to 15 times the value of the “secured capital”. This leverage is the fundamental basis for the quite handsome returns shown on our Projections since the actual trading is being conducted at a level many times the value of the “fresh capital”. Remember the “fresh capital” is secure since it is the leveraged capital with which the BUY/SELL is conducted. But FRESH CAPITAL has been a requirement since this trading was created after WWII.
  2. There are other factors creating profit, unique to this program, such as the Bank Guarantees (BGs), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs) and Medium Term Notes (MTNs), to be used in the trading, that will generally have a discount available to the Trade and Asset Provider which adds to the profit line.
  3. These special trading programs were needed in Europe and Asia to;
    1. Rebuild and refinance after World War II; and;
    2. Establish stable economies. It would be helpful should you wish a deeper understanding of these trading programs to study the Bretton Woods Conference reports which began in 1944 to address the noted post war banking problems.

Please share this with your partners and shareholders so they have a better understanding of how the profits are achieved without risk.

Finally, this program and participation in it has always been carefully controlled. The participants “JOISILVA” need to be “clean” and generally exists a belief, by the Compliance Officers, that the Asset Provider will use their income from this program for the benefit of humanity. An acceptable benefit is not just humanitarian efforts but also those actions that create employment and advance the general quality of life on this planet – for profit and not for profit.

JOISILVA has an established reputation for providing innovative investment programs designed to fulfill the individual needs and goals of our clients. Our team, knowledge and experience give us the skills that are essential for successful investments.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to address any question you may have.