Raw Precious Minerals

Emerging Markets and Global Infrastructure Opportunities

JOISILVA PRECIOUS MINERALS LLC specializes in Raw Precious Minerals, Emerging Markets and Global infrastructure opportunities. JOISILVA delivers a complete range of services, from managing funds for Venture Capital “Lending Investments”, and also envisions a World in which artisan and small-scale miners have access to the opportunities, information and tools they need to work with dignity within flourishing, self-sustaining communities, as valued actors in the formal economy and as contributors to their country’s development

International Shareholder Companies

JOISILVA invited an International Shareholding Company that is interested in Natural Treasury profit and through a Partnership Agreement we enter into Mining Support, Assaying and Laboratory platform development which specializes in semi-finished products for the industry.

Luxury Resources

JOISILVA Luxury Resources’ Clients include some of the Largest Polished factories Manufacturers, International Banks and private Clients Investors. JOISILVA’S Supplies a Global Market, that are interested in Precious minerals.

Founders and Philosophy

The founder of JOISILVA, has over eighteen (18) years vast experiences in the Precious Minerals Business. Mr. Joaquim Chedas, the President & CEO now owns JOISILVA, together with some Private Investors, who include many of the Investors, who helped found the Company.

Throughout its year’s JOISILVA has focused solely on the business of Rough Precious Minerals. The success and the reputation of the company are built on our philosophy which is based on a deep Respect towards our Employees, Co-workers, Brokers, Partners, Suppliers and Clients. JOISILVA’S Development Initiative works to effect systemic change within the artisan and small-scale mining sector by convening all interested parties into processes and projects that helps turn precious stones and minerals into a source of Sustainable Community development. JOISILVA’S work complements regulatory efforts to favour positive socio-economic outcomes for miners and their families in developing Countries.