Customs & Security


When importing goods, the shipment must clear Customs properly. As a licensed Customs Broker JOISILVA Clearing Agent, or its designated agent, can clear the goods through Customs and have the shipment delivered to our destination. In order for Customs clearance, proper documentation is required:

• Bill of Lading or Airway bill
• Commercial invoice
• Packing List
• Certificate of Origin


JOISILVA, a high security complex, is protected round-the-clock using the latest surveillance, control and alarm systems. The company security services contracted, its own team of highly experienced security professionals.

All the precious minerals transportation and transfers of valuable materials to and from our branches are subject to the highest levels of control and security.

JOISILVA work closely only with selected, specialized security shipping companies, to ensure a smooth and secure process for our Suppliers, Clients and ourselves.

JOISILVA security systems and vaults are regularly scrutinized by specialized security consulting firms for internal stress testing and possible improvement.

Our security systems are audited once every year by our insurer and their re-insurers and annually by Clients which are holding precious minerals with us.

A full and controlled evacuation of the office is carried out once a year for training purposes.