Corporate Team

JOISILVA’s corporate Team are part of a global practice operating from our offices.
Our network enables us to service our suppliers and clients all over the world, including the key developing regions and, in particular, the African Continent and Latin America economies.
The Corporate group at JOISILVA is among the largest and most widely recognized in the financial and precious minerals sectors in the world. Our multi-disciplinary teams advise a large number of Suppliers, Clients and Governments on all aspects of corporate and commercial business development and investments, focusing on mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings, joint ventures, capital markets and investment funds.


Joaquim Chedas da Silva



Also known as venture capital, (VC / PE) is an activity in which JOISILVA INVESTORS, acting through their own funds or Investment Vehicles, inject capital into JOISILVA in exchange for a shareholding. During the period in which the investor remains invested in the company (monitoring period), it seeks to add value to the company in addition to the capital itself.

This type of investment is known as smart-investment, that is, it is not just capital injected into the company, but a combination of capital and assistance in the company’s strategy and management. Subsequently, the fund disposes of these securities and leaves the operation, always with the objective of generating returns to its shareholders.

JOISILVA is the Head Fund Manager that will prepare the business case to be approved by the Fund Manager (Investor) prior to investment, once approved by both parties the investment goes ahead.


Joaquim Chedas da Silva