Our Investors

LEADING INVESTORS THROUGHOUT THE GLOBE – JOISILVA takes great pride in the fact that our investments have consistently generated returns for our investment partners throughout various economic cycles.

JOISILVA places significant emphasis on relationship development and investor communication. A significant amount of senior management time is dedicated to meeting with our investors. Many of our customers have invested their own personal funds alongside the commitments of the funds’ limited partners. This is a demonstration of consistent alignment between our own interests and those of our investors.

Rough and Semi-finished products customization

JOISILVA offers a wide and comprehensive range in rough precious minerals, allows for the manufacturing of semi-finished products for the jewelry-making and global Investors on Luxury Resources.

On a Client’s request same precious minerals can be an alternative investment, parcels of Rough diamonds can be polished and certificated by the GIA, HDR, E.G.C or G.C.I Lab.

Physical precious minerals is a safe haven, you can allocate part of your portfolio goods. Physical goods should offer a new dimension to your wealth portfolio.
We encourage investors to spread their wealth in Precious Minerals, Just because precious minerals is a solid investment now, we would advise against effectively putting all your eggs in one basket as physical gold, but spread in other precious minerals, diamonds, emeralds, rubies etc.
This is the best way of hedging your other investments.

Funds & Investment Services

The funds market has grown dramatically in recent years and JOISILVA’s funds CFO and lawyers are at the forefront of this development. Our Funds and Investment Services team advises clients on a wide range of services in relation to hedge funds, mutual funds, other collective investment schemes and a wide range of financial products.

In each of our markets, we have a powerful team of investment fund specialists that possess the commercial aptitude, industry knowledge and legal skills necessary to ensure that all our clients’ fund and transaction structures are optimally designed to meet their needs, and the needs of their target investors.

JOISILVA Clients retain us for our deep understanding of their business needs, issues and goals. They rely on us to help them make the right investment on the right terms, thoughtfully assess risk and make appropriate trade-offs and respond quickly to meet business demands. We have expertise on the ground and our services cover the whole life cycle of every fund and every investment.